The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica is the best minivan on the market today for a few reasons: it can fit up to eight people while still having great storage space and options, gets excellent fuel economy (and comes in a hybrid option), and makes incredible use of modern tech-safety features to give you and your passengers a safe ride.

1440 × 677?

Let's talk about size first, since that's what makes an SUV so alluring. Chrysler's Stow 'n Go system allows for the two rows of passenger seats to fold up and slide into the floor when not in use, drastically increasing storage space (the hybrid model, however, does not feature Stow 'n Go in the second row due to the size of its battery pack). The cabin's many storage features, like cup holders and slide-out trays, have been redesigned to minimize the use of plastic, resulting in a sturdy build.

You'll get great mileage out of your Pacifica regardless of which option you choose. The Pacifica boasts a combined 22 mpg fuel economy and 287 horsepower. Though the hybrid option lowers these numbers somewhat (which is only natural with hybrid options), the battery power allows it to drive for an estimated 32 miles alone. The Pacifica is the only car in its segment that boasts a hybrid option.

Chrysler continues to offer the best tech and safety features with the 2020 Pacifica. They've opted to continue using the Uconnect infotainment control system, which utilizes buttons and knobs instead of the more common touchscreen, eliminating the potential for unresponsive controls. A Wi-Fi hotspot (4G LTE) and connectivity with Apple and Android devices are standard.

Safety features include front and rear head airbags, side airbags, traction control, blind-spot monitoring (displayed on the infotainment screen), lane departure warning, electronic stability control, brake assist, and more. Some of these features are part of the greater smart-technology system and will activate automatically.

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